Retiring to Parry Sound.

Each year, an increasing number of Canadians are fulfilling the retiring to cottage country. However, the transition of taking up permanent residency at your cottage is something that merits some careful consideration.

Retiring to Parry SoundMany people buy cottages with the intent of eventually retiring at their waterfront residence. While this may be easy when one is in their 50’s, one has to be mindful of the fact that we do all age, and one day, being close to health care could be more than a mere convenience.

Our area certainly offers a wide array of activities to keep retirees busy, 12 months a year. From the world-renowned Festival of the Sound in the summer to curling or taking in a Junior “A” hockey game in the winter, there is always something for everyone in the Parry Sound area.

While some people spend their winters in warmer climes, others choose to stay and enjoy the area in the winter. As accessing some cottages in the winter can be an issue (for example, if its located on an island in Georgian Bay), we find many of these former “cottagers” buying homes or condominium units in town that they can use through the worst of winter.


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