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Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay
Georgian Bay has some of the most stunning natural scenery in Canada. From secluded island properties to road accessible waterfront homes, Georgian Bay offers something for everyone.

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Horseshoe Lake

Horseshoe Lake
Horseshoe Lake is located in Seguin Township south of Parry Sound. One of the area’s larger lakes and a very popular cottage lake within a 2-hour drive of the Greater Toronto Area.

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Lake Manitouwabing

Lake Manitouwabing
Lake Manitouwabing is located in McKellar Township, approximately 20 kilometres northeast of Parry Sound. The largest lake within a 30-minute drive of Parry Sound, it offers a broad range of cottage properties.

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Otter Lake

Otter Lake
A popular lake located in Seguin Township just south of Parry Sound. It features a full-service marina, a popular family resort with restaurant, and excellent boating.

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Lorimer Lake

Lorimer Lake
Located both in McDougall & Whitestone Townships, Lorimer Lake is north of Parry Sound off the Highway 124 corridor. One of the area’s larger lakes popular with boat anglers and cottagers.

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Lake Joseph

Lake Joseph
Lake Joseph is known around the world for its clean, clear waters, rocky, pine-lined shoreline and some of the most spectacular cottages in Canada.

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Lake Rosseau

Lake Rosseau
Part of the “Big Three” Muskoka Lakes, with boat access into both Lake Muskoka and Lake Joseph. Some of the oldest cottages in Ontario are located along Lake Rosseau’s picturesque shoreline.

Lake Rosseau Listings

Whitefish Lake

Whitefish and Clear Lake
The Whitefish Lake and Clear Lake chain of lakes in Seguin Township (including Little Whitefish Lake), is a very popular three-lake system located south of Parry Sound and a 10-minute drive from Rosseau.

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Whitestone Lake

Whitestone Lake
One of the area’s largest water bodies, Whitestone Lake boasts 70 kilometres of shoreline and is 30 minutes north of Parry Sound. A popular, affordable waterbody offering excellent fishing and boating opportunities.

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Blackstone Lake

Blackstone and Crane Lake
Blackstone Lake and Crane Lake are south of Parry Sound in the Township of the Archipelago. A very popular large lake system with clear waters, great fishing and boating.

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Harris Lake
Harris Lake is in McDougall Township, 20 K. north of the Town of Parry Sound. A mid-sized lake that is popular with families looking for easy to access, year round accessible properties.

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Lake Wahwashkesh
Lake Wahwashkesh is located in the Whitestone Township off Highway 520, 40 kilometres north of Parry Sound. The largest lake entirely within the District’s boundaries, it offers outstanding fishing and boating opportunities.

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Mill Lake

Mill Lake
Mill Lake is large lake immediately to the east of the Town of Parry Sound. Features a high, rock bluff along the south end of the lake, it offers boating into Portage Lake and the Mountain Basin area of the Seguin River.

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Shebeshekong Lake
Shebeshekong Lake is one of the few mid-sized lakes Carling Township, north-west of Parry Sound off the Highway 529 corridor. Offers an excellent mix of affordable road accessible cottages, good boating and fishing.

Shebeshekong Lake Listings

Star Lake

Star Lake
Star Lake is in Seguin Township, approximately 30 kilometres south-east of Parry Sound and 20 minutes from Rosseau. A very popular mid-sized lake offering a wide range of affordable, drive-to cottages.

Star Lake Listings

McKellar Lake

McKellar Lake
McKellar Lake is a mid-sized lake immediately north of the Village of McKellar. With a surface area of 212 acres and a maximum depth of 32 feet, the lake supports good bass and pike fishing.

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Lake Muskoka
The largest of the Big Three Muskoka Lakes, Lake Muskoka has been popular with cottagers for over 100 years. Home of The Segwin Steamship, Taboo Muskoka Resort and Golf, and The Bala Cranberry Festival

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Skeleton Lake
Skeleton Lake is a large, deep lake located in Muskoka Lakes Township.  Famous for its rugged landscapes, rocky cliffs and crystal clear waters.  One of Muskoka’s most popular lakes!

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Lake Manitouwaba
Lake Manitouwaba (not to be confused with Lake Manitouwabing) is one a mid-sized lake in Seguin Township, east of Parry Sound off Highway 518. Offers entry-level and mid-price road accessible cottages.

Lake Manitouwaba Listings

Healey Lake
Healey Lake is in The Township of the Archipelago, approximately 30 minutes south of Parry Sound. A very popular large lake offering a wide range of affordable, boat access cottages.  Great fishing and boating.

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