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The Town of Parry Sound has a population of about 6,400 people and serves an area of about 20,000 permanent residents.

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Parry Sound, located at the mouth of the Seguin River on Georgian Bay, was well-known long before the first Europeans arrived. For generations, First Nation people used the location as a trading and meeting area. Later, a trading fort occupied a site close to where the Stockey Centre is located. Trappers, needing access to the fur-rich interior of the region traversed the rivers along the eastern shore of Georgian Bay, including the Seguin, Moon, Shawanaga and the French.

Vast stands of white pine which covered the area lured the first permanent settlers to the region in the 1860s. Later, free land grants brought waves of pioneers. Life was tough for these early pioneers who carved their homesteads out of the vast wilderness.  Several of those early settlers headed to Western Canada after finding our thin, stony soils too acidic to grow crops.

Today, the town bears little resemblance to the original settlement William Beatty established 140 years ago. The largest town in the region, Parry Sound has a population of about 6,400 people and serves an area of about 20,000 permanent residents. In the summer month, it is estimated the region’s population balloons to around 75,000 people.

The tourism sector remains vital to the town and area’s economic well-being. Moves to diversify the economy have proven to be successful with the establishment of several small manufacturing factories which have seen steady growth. As well, the West Parry Sound Health Centre and expansion to the town retail sector has created a labour shortage for people in the service industries and healthcare professionals.

Recently, we have seen a marked increase in the number of retirees moving into the area. As the first wave of baby boomers enter their retirement years, there is little doubt that the area’s population will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

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